MMSI Day 2

A collection of gathered thoughts and activities from MMSI (Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative) APSI (AP Summer Institute) AP Calculus AB Experienced workshop.

We revisited 2009 AB5/BC5, a table problem I worked last fall with Mike, which was enlightening again–I found it cool how much more comfortable in predicting the expected pieces required by AP Graders in running through the open response–difference quotients written out for slope (MVT); products written out for Riemann sums et cetera.  Having presented this packet to a group of AP students last spring, I think refocusing on the problems gave me more insight into ways to approach them next year.

The Infamous Hot Wire Problems – 2005 AB3  Lowest AP score on a free response (to 2005).  One thing new here:  sometimes points are assigned separately for units being correct throughout a problem or in pieces of the problem.

Then we moved on to the all time lowest scoring problem on AB:  2007 AB3!  I liked the focus on jumping between forms of the data in tables.  I didn’t like the inverse function part–which is fair enough, I just don’t ever remember how to do inverse derivatives from tabular data, so I create a inverse composite (g-inverse(g(x))=x) take the derivative of both sides and reason from there.

Nice discussion of FTC composition based functions–derivatives of inverses based on A(x) as the area function