This is a collection of notes and thoughts from the MMSI AP Summer Institute at Bridgewater State University.

1.  Graph Match Activity:  Really nice precalculus review, matching 18 equations ranging from y = lnx + 2 to y = sin^2x^2+cos^2x^2 to graphs that represent them.  Thinking about doing this as a first day activity.  Especially like the scoring:  1 point for each correct match, 2 points for each correct and complete justification.

2.  L’Hospital’s Rule:  Considering that they may be moving L’Hospital’s rule to the AP Test (AB) in the very near future, good time to review ways to make it useful to students, and more importantly to help them figure out when it’s actually appropriate to apply L’Hospital (the bought theorem).

How much is enough:  Looking at selected AP problem pieces, and some example student work, where all of the solutions are correct – but not necessarily complete enough to earn credit.  Good discussion with regards to the boundaries where a point may or may not be assigned.

Resources:  We compared resources that we use in our own classes. – teachers’ guide, tests, et cetera. (materials used and created by Carol Hynes for her own classes. Powerpoints by Greg Kelly – free worksheets for variety of calc topics – free online graphing calculator

Application:  Grapher to create graphs and screenshots

Application:  Cheap app by McGraw Hill, 5 steps to a five.

Application:  iPad – Graphing Calc HD

2013 Exam – We worked through student samples from the 2013 exam, grading them ourselves to see how we compare to the rubrics.